Challenge for
New Value Creation,

Sejin E&T is an electropainting (E coating) and logistics company with
quality certifications of 3 automobile manufacturers(Hyundai Motor
Company, GMK, RSM). We are challenging with passion and ability for
the company’s growth as a global enterprise. Sejin E&T will pioneer a
new era through developing functional paint and electro vehicle parts.

Produce Line

Sejin E&T has 3 production lines.
These are the lines’ specifications

1,2 Line - Busan
3 Line - Poland

  • 1
    Tank Size

    4,200(W) X 2,540(L) X 2,590(H)

    Workpiece Size

    3,400(W) X 1,600(L) X 1,600(H)

  • 2
    Tank Size

    2,800(W) X 1,500(L) X 2,440(H)

    Workpiece Size

    1,600(W) X 1,700(L) X 2,100(H)

  • 3
    Tank Size

    4,400(W) X 2,100(L) X 2,440(H)

    Workpiece Size

    3,600(W) X 1,700(L) X 2,100(H)


Sejin E&T acquired various quality
certifications of automobile manufacturers
and patents since 2000.

  • 01

    SQ Certificate

  • 02

    GM Primary cooperative company

  • 03

    Insulation / Heat
    dissipation coating patent

  • 04

    IATF 16949 Certificate

  • 05

    RSM SES - Tier 2 Certificate

See more certifications


Products that is supplied in Sejin E&T
(with insulation / heat dissipation / functional).

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04


Sejin E&T’s Automobile
manufacturer partners

Company View

Photos of Sejin E&T

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04

If you want specific
information, download
Sejin E&T proposal.

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